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After The Storm Hail Repair

Auto Hail Damage Repair Grand Prairie TX


Licensed & Insured Local Auto Dent Company

We are hail damage specialists providing insurance approved dent and ding repairs in Dallas and Fort Worth TX. Call 833-442-4534!

At After The Storm Hail Repair of Grand Prairie, TX, we specialize in hail dent and ding repairs for all makes and models of vehicles. We serve the Greater Dallas and Fort Worth Areas with professional PDR services to return your vehicle back to its pre-damaged condition. Our technicians use a wide variety of specialized tools designed to remove dents. This ensures that we can repair almost all damage.

Was your vehicle damaged due to a hail storm? Our team has restored countless vehicles back to their market value with paintless dent repair services. Insurance companies prefer us to auto body repair shops. PDR is less expensive, quicker, and more effective than any other method to remove hail damage from the panels of automobiles.

No matter who your policy is with, if you have a hail damage insurance claim or a question about any part of the claims process, give us a call today at 833-442-4534.

Auto Dent Repair Technician

The Claims Process

Call your auto insurance company to receive a claim number for your hail damage repair.

Call us at 833-442-4534 to schedule your convenient dent removal repair appointment.

Once we repair your vehicle, come pick it up and enjoy your ride in its pre-disaster condition!

All Work Comes With a Lifetime Warranty

Specialized Dent Repair Tools
All paintless dent removal services performed by After The Storm Hail Repair are 100% guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. Our work meets or exceeds all industry standards for uniformity and visual appearance. We guarantee against shine/gloss deterioration, blistering, peeling, wrinkling, and any defects in primer adhesion.

If repaired dents reappear or become noticeable after completion of repair, we reinspect and repair the vehicle with the labor and materials free of charge. Our PDR process guarantees corrosion and rust protection as well as against the oxidization of the repaired area in accordance with the surrounding panels. Exclusions include previous damage, stripes and decals, and subsequent hail storms.

If you are not 100% completely satisfied with our work on your vehicle, we will re-access our work, and make any additional repairs that are necessary. Customer service is our top priority. Contact us today to learn more!

PDR Myths and Misconceptions

DIY Dent Removal Works Just as Well

MYTH! In most cases, trying to fix a dent without professional experience can make the dent even worse. Don’t risk causing permanent damage to your vehicle.

Extreme Heat or Cold Will Pop Dents Back into Place

MYTH! Neither heat nor cold on their own will get it out. With PDR, the dent is permanently removed by slightly compressing the dented area of metal from the underside of the panel. If a repaired dent doesn’t pop back with gentle pressure, it won’t ever pop back again. Gentle force and specialized tools are needed.

Dry Ice Pops Out Dents

MYTH! Dry ice does not successfully remove dents or creases. The method of applying dry ice to the metal panel will cause it to contract rapidly. If a vehicle panel is warped in this way, it is ruined.

Claiming Hail Damage Will Ruin a Vehicle's History Report and Overall Value

MYTH! Insurance companies actually recommend PDR over traditional paint and body work. It usually isn’t included in the history report because it’s not filed as a collision.

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